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Now ASSRT got Online Multiplayer Feature, play online with anyone all around the world.

ASSRT(Agents of Secret Service Recruitment Test) is a First-person shooter puzzle game loaded with lot of Action and Excitement.
Here in this game you are going to take the role of an Agent who is going through the process of ASSRT. In ASSRT his Skill, Mental and Physical abilities are tested. You must be the finest to get selected.

- Smooth gameplay
- Lot of weapons including special weapons like Compound Bow and Dual Guns
- Upgrade and customize your weapons
- Use your favorite attachments on your weapons to suit your play style
- Uniqueness in each level with different puzzles
- Action filled gameplay
- Two different type of graphics modes, Normal Graphics/Cartoon Style Graphics
- Adjust graphics settings to make this game run smooth even on low end devices

This is one Action First-person shooter game that you all want to try

More interesting updates coming soon...

This game is still in beta, please let us know if you find any issues inside the game, we will try to resolve them as soon as possible

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You plan to work on another similar game I love your work I'm interested saver on your future projects

I am the comment below on another account that I do not remember my password and ASSRT has a future just have to polish it more

Hello apology would like saver if you soon open more updates and if you plan to add Spanish as a language

sorry, I stopped working on this game

hey....first of all i really really liked this game....i am a COD, Battlefield, PUBG player and wanted to try some casual games for my sister....and later end up with this game.

i want to know how many tests are there, cause i cant load more than 4.....plz help


This game only have 4 tests and Multiplayer

When will assrt 2 come out?

Sorry :'(

I am not making ASSRT 2 

can i use a controller or keyboard on this game?

you can use either controller or keyboard

Good game man my friend Tigerwave introduced me to it cant wait to see the future development process. 

Also you should add melee weapons later on :3

Thank you for your feedback... I will add a lot of stuff in future

All my my lvl and coins reset and now im sad maybe its a bug

Really? Can you restart your game and see again?

I will be waiting for your reply

sry for the late reply my coins and lvl has reset a few times now but if i just wait 15 seconds after every match it wont resets my stuff so im all good keep up the great work again

it won't reset... If your internet is little slow it will take a while to load

this is a great game one of the best free games ive played keep up the great work

hope you enjoyed it... Will be updating it soon... New content coming

cant wait for the update could you add a discord chat group for this game plz

Man a discord chat for this games community would be a great opportunity.

For some reason it won't let me click play or open the weapons menu. The buttons just get darker and then lighten like I'm pressing them but it won't do anything

What if you restart? Please let me know soon

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Thank you for your comment :)

Started playing this.  I like this esthetic.  One question, though - is there a "trick" to killing the turrets?  I can't seem to kill them without getting shot to pieces, which tends to accumulate after a whle.

You can hide and kill turrets from cover... shoot at their feet :) 

When i enter the game on the first test my mouse just keeps moving to the ceiling ;|

Just try restarting your computer

Didnt work

Will this happening even in menu? Have you seen this kind of behaviour in any other games? Can you try with another mouse?

If it doesn't then try reinstalling , Or maybe you would need to check your synaptics pointing device if It is happening in other games too .

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Only happens on this game, i checked everything and its okay, i tryed reinstalling 4 times, and i tryed 6 mouses

Can you mail me directly? I need to know what is exactly happening.

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A nice game though , I think you should change the font to small caps . AND the funniest part is that a bow and arrow has a silencer attachment . Important for you -- This game can run o low specs , that's nice . It runs smoothly on my old P.C which has AMD radeon hd 8210 as the graphics card and AMD E1 essential as the processor . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK . when is the next update coming ?


I can't really say when I'm gonna release next update... But it will be released soon...

Ok John , your test 4 is incomplete , so , When I played it I wanted to tell you that if you are making it open , then add an invisible wall . or we will fall into the abyss . And add an aiming dot so that we can easily judge what we are shooting . And 1 more thing , can you please make a whole body , I found out we have nothing ( or maybe it doesn't get damaged ? ) I just crossed the rays without any harm with the ray at the height of my hands .

Okay, I will add the dot. And I will check again about the height of the Collider box for body

OK  thank you a lot :)


Overall: Great & Fun game to spend some time with!  

In total, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the difficulty is perfect in the first 3 levels. It's enough of a challenge to make you focus, but not enough to anger you! I will definitely be spending some more time with this game to unlock the other weapons. 

The notes on the walls that say "not to shoot", when you are in fact supposed to shoot the wall gave me a laugh - I hadn't realized you weren't joking about the whole "don't trust anyone" in the main menu.

Interesting merge of puzzle solving with the blocks, buttons, & locks. I did struggle a few times to get the blocks to move in the direction I wanted and to get them on the buttons. Possibly being able to move the blocks by pushing them (instead of shooting) would help fix this. 

Side note - Was playable on my 2009 macbook pro, game does not require a heavy built computer (which is always a plus). 

Recommendation: I think adding the ability to choose between "hold to aim" and "click to aim" would be nice for others like myself that prefer to hold down the right mouse button. 

Can't wait to see how you continue to develop this game in the future, looking forward to more levels! 

-If you are reading this review, I recommend giving the game a download, who knows? you might be pleasantly surprised!



Thank you for your great review... Thank you for spending your time playing and writing this review :)

I like the game but i couldn't customize guns (PC Version) do you have to unlock the customisation?

anyway i payed it for a while and i would give it a 7 or 8/10

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Yes, you need to unlock it... You can do it by upgrading your weapon two times. And thank you for your review :)

thanks, i guess i should play some more, and is the music copyrighted cause i would like to do i youtube vid on the game :)

Some of the music is copyrighted, you may can't monetize the video

i found a glitch in the first test if you only shoot the right one the enemies dont are not there (if a feture then k)

Yes, it is a feature, it is there so that player can complete level without getting hit by bullet.

i'm enjoying the gameplay, 8/10. There's a bug on mac where enemies can kill you trough walls. Still testing it, maybe i will change my review :)

Thank you for your review :)

this game sucks 0/10 would not recomend

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Thank you for your review. let me know why you didn't liked it.

well you see the clunky controls and music and lack of guns and ability to get all stars for each level due to the turrets that come out of no where just make the game difficult to enjoy and I know you put hard work into it just these minor things lead to major problems to me but keep updating it and I'll try it later if it's fixed I'll change my rating